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I’m 21 now which makes me officially old, but I did get a gorgeous camcorder for my birthday so that cheered me up. As for film work, I made a new short film called Don’t Feed The Ducks and I’m wor...
Mr Scruff
I managed to lock myself in this morning, so when the postman knocked with parcels, I had to speak to him through the postbox and nicely ask him to leave my parcels upstairs with Elise Hadrysiak an...
We finally caught mousey this morning. She's sooooo tiny and really cute. We'd seen her wandering around a couple of times so we set out some traps. We're keeping her in a plastic box and feeding h...
I interviewed art collective Poketo for Venus Zine. They were totally awesome!
You may have noticed a few changes around here recently. Well a lot is happening that you can see and even more that you can't. Cut Out + Keep is getting a proper make-over and having lots of featu...
A huge thank you to everyone who voted for my blog. I won a plummy for the best craft related blog. You can see all the winners here. I'll think up a special present for all of you lovely people, t...


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