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I’ve also been baby sitting the neighbors kitty, Asterix. He had a mad half-hour or two while I was looking after him, but Elise brought me back the cutest little sewing kit as a present, to say th...


My parents came up to visit today and we went for a walk around the massive graveyard, which is up near Ninewells Hospital. It stretches for miles and miles. We then went to see Closer at the DCA,...


We went for a long walk around Dundee today. We bought loads of records, priced at 30p each. We then nipped to the 24 hour bakery. On the way home we discovered a little cafe which looks like it...


Tonight we had a mini Brit-awards party at our flat, which was loads of fun. We then spent the night dancing at the Reading Rooms.


Absinthe Fairy
I finalised the design for my absinthe fairy in Character Animation today. Now to turn her in to Flash...



Knife Tricks
I wasn't feeling too inspired in Character Animation this week so I decided to turn one of my sketchbook drawings in to a digital painting. This painting was inspired by the Hemingway quote "Got t...


Mr Coat Hanger
This week my character development for Advanced 3D has taken a complete u-turn from the siamese twins to a man know as The Unfortunate Mr Coat Hanger. My inspiration comes from Salvador Dali mixed...


Party Like It's 1889
I've decided that I'm going to use an absinthe fairy as the character for my animation. I'm not entirely sure what style of fairy I want yet, so I've been playing around with various sketches. I'l...


A portrait of Princess Anna from Van Helsing. Crappy film but she looked gorgeous. Didn't take very long, just a bit of fun.


Characters Of Coney Island
I've been doing more Coney Island character development over the past week for Advanced 3D. I've been channelling Dame Darcy when thinking up characters and so far my favourites are the conjoined ...


Miss Em
Inspiration struck in Character Animation today when I settled on Absinthe as the theme for my work. I know that I'm going to have a lot of fun doing the research for this class.


Advanced 3D
3D is my least favourite subject in Computer Art but I'm trying to make the most of it this year by theming it on a subject I love - Coney Island. I started my research today and filled my sketchb...


Character Animation
We were back to uni today and we have a new subject called Character Animation. We'll be producing a flash animation at the end of term. A new subject meant it was time for a new sketchbook. I'm n...


A series of still images taken on New Street in Edinburgh.

Blog Posts



Absinthe miniature, spoon and truffles in my stocking. Van Helsing game from Dad. Blue Ikea square lights from Lisa.


home now. it’s strange and i don’t know if i’ll stay.. i’ll be here for christmas anyway. so i expect lots of visits from people (calum, louise, malcolm…) and of course i can’t wait to get back to ...


had a wonderful night out tonight with elise and ads. they got me drunk and took me to the reading rooms for a goodbye party. i will miss them so much. if i end up running back to dundee it will be...


Holy Bible
woke up early on monday and went to buy the holy bible with grant. stole a big manics billboard poster from a very busy bit of town.. ran home and put it in the bath after we both got covered in pa...


woke up at some stupid time on sunday and did no work although i had promised myself i would. went to mc donalds for the first time in months (thanks to supersize me).


well i’m home from canne. it was fun although rainy and cold.. i can’t really be bothered talking about it now. came home tonight to discover that the guy upstairs had pushed his girlfriend in to ...