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We went through to Edinburgh again today and met up with Alistair who was on a mission to find a girlfriend, job and something else by the end of this week. We hung around the festival for a while...


We woke up quite late today headed through to Edinburgh. We headed to the Liquid Rooms, where we met Dan and James from Daniel Records who were really nice. We did a little flyering for August 81...



Tom's parents left on holiday today, so I went over to keep him company. We didn't have enough money to go out, so we invited friends over and drank Southern Comfort with Jack.


Lady Boys Of Bangkok
We went to see Matthew in Avalanche today who gave us tickets to see the Lady Boys Of Bangkok in the Meadows. We headed along to the show in the evening which was inside a tent and we weren't sure...


Festival Fun – I’ve made dollies so that I can sell em at the festival and make lots of money off the tourists.



I want to shoot Derren Brown. Well actually no, I want to kiss him all over. But I signed up to volunteer to be the person who’ll pull the trigger on him in a game of Russian Roulette. Oh he is soo...


Stay Beautiful
My Mum and I headed through to Glasgow today to meet the Manic Street Preachers at a signing they were doing at the Virgin Megastore.


Today I went to the museum of childhood with Malcolm and Lynsey. It was such a cute place with a wide range of Miffy.


Tonight was Keava's party in Edinburgh. Mike came through with me and we shared a bottle of Jack Daniels.


I miss Tom. He gets back on the 26th and that’s 19 days away .. Today I went to Tom’s house to pick up the key but I ended up staying all day with Jack and his buddies. The house was full of stone...


Cherry On Top
Tom went away on holiday with his parents today. The ferry sailed past Burntisland, so I went out on to the beach to wave to him. We think that we managed to see each other. I then baked a cake fo...


Woke up at Amy's house this morning feeling a little hungover but we decided to walk it off and head through to Edinburgh. Tom bought a new pair of shoes and I stocked up on comics from Forbidden ...


Tom came over today and I cut his hair for him. I think it turned out quite nice! In the evening we went through to Kinghorn for Amy Naumann's party. Amy had a really cool house which was by the b...



Seeing as I have added a link to my journal on my website I guess I should update it. It’s been a while so I guess I should update you on what’s been happening in Cat’s life (as if you care). Well ...




Valentine's Day
Today was Valentine's Day and Tom was stuck as work, so I spent the day hanging out with Ysolda. We caught the bus out to Borders so that we could buy issues of BUST Magazine and look at craft maga...



Tom looks so good in all of my clothes, make-up and, well, everything! ohh. does anyone else agree that the word HARVEST is really scary? i find it to be really sinister.


It’s a new year, yippee! Since my last update, I’ve been to see the Foo Fighters and the Manic Street Preachers twice (once in Newcastle). We had lots of parties to celebrate Christmas and I was gi...

Blog Posts



At Louise's house. Tom said he was bringing someone which turned out to be Alistair, who ended up kissing Amy.


Tom and I kept Louise up listening to Bright Eyes and she got annoyed at the end of the song with the sound, when we pretended we couldn't hear anything.