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making wax dolls.. owe. my fingers are all burnt and there are little pieces of wax everywhere. but at least she will be worth it when she’s finally done. i’ve even though of a little story to go w...


This week I’ve been flat hunting! Tom and I went to see Siren and Shell, who spoke a lot about Garbage, websites and movies.


hmm. christmas. shouldn’t i be getting excited yet? maybe i’ve grown up or maybe things are just different this year. my grandparents are over so everyone is stressed about keeping things together....


i woke up at 1.39 and went ooh neighbors is on and tom will be finished his driving lesson by the time it’s finished.. but.. it’s Sunday. i even opened the wrong day in my advent calendar and it wa...



i guess i had a long night, tom stayed till 2. i went christmas shopping in the day and it was after going into the disney store that i decided i hated christmas. anyway i forced myself to get thr...


Chocolate Factory
Tom and I started a chocolate factory in my kitchen today, making chocolates of all varieties to give away as Christmas presents. We used ice cube trays for the moulds, filled them with chocolates,...



met this guy on the train this morning. he’s doing computer games and it turns out that he knows a bunch of my friends. just bought myself a chocolate maker. yummy. it’s good because it means that ...


tom made me the loveliest advent calender. it’s little chocolates wrapped in foil with a number on and tied by silver string to a wire spiral – quite like those things that baby’s have over their c...


ohhh everyone say hi to my boyfriend tom who has just joined live journal live journal – not sure how to do the lil linky thing but his addy is tomdathumb, so add him and he’ll be nice xx. i got u...


The Torn Skirt
We got critiqued at Uni today which wasn't fun. i’m in uni now. i have a crit in 20 minutes which i’m not looking forward to, then i’m off to speak to the accommodation people about cancelling my...


Rose Pearl Necklace
I made a necklace from silk black roses and white and black pearls today.



Tonight we went to see Radiohead at the SECC. Tom got free tickets from Avalanche Records but we weren't very impressed with the gig, as it sounded too much like listening to the CD. It was still f...


i’m going to radiohead tomorrow. i found out when i woke up this morning, tom managed to get the free through work, must say i’m very impressed this time. well spent the day christmas shopping thou...


After catching the train in to uni this morning, I was a little early for life drawing, so I sat and finished reading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. I'm sad to have finished because I was really enj...


i guess that waking up at 3p.m. doesn’t start off a day to well. it has consisted mostly of dragging boxes and bags from downstairs to my room and then organizing everything into place. the rest of...


i feel compassion for those people with very few possessions. after squashing some of my stuff in the car i found that there was no room for most of it and no room for tom. the drive home was tirin...


Bus Pass
I got my Uni Rider buss pass today. Now nothing can stop me... Dundee is my oyster!


We’re feeling quite guilty at the moment though. We were suppose to be going to see Mikey’s band Korova tonight, but we don’t have enough money to buy tickets. We’ll definitely catch them next time...


Tom and I went to see some really good short films at the DCA tonight. I hope I’ll be making movies like that one day.



tom’s gone home now :<. missing him lots. tonight i’m meeting up with my manic’s friend alex for drinks so hopefully that will cheer me up. oh, and i must buy myself some earplugs…. flat mates s...



We caught the train back through to Dundee today and had quite a lazy day playing DDR and Vice City. We went out for dinner at the Counting House.


We went through to Edinburgh today to do some shopping. I got a Living Dead Dolls, velvet jacket, zippy jumper and a powder compact.


we stomped out of pirates of the caribbean. i’d seen it before but we went because we couldn’t decide on anything better to do. so as soon as i remembered just how terrible it was and we had starte...


ohh.. i had a little wood’s breakfast with rob and malcolm. it was delightful. i swear that’s what tiffany’s would be like if they served breakfast. i’m sitting in my audio lab. i was lazy and got...


Anti-War Activism Double Bill
Today we went through to Edinburgh to see the Anti-War Activism Double Bill at the Filmhouse. Our friend, Ysolda Teague helped make it and it brought back lots of fun memories from last year. My pi...