FiloCat • Cat Morley

FiloCat is a podcast where I'll be teaching you how-to get organised, save time and achieve your goals. Each short episode breaks handy skills down into simple to follow steps and is accompanied by print-outs for your Filofax with key points, helpful charts, pictures and exercises to try at home.

Pages to print for your Filofax


Episode 2: 10 Lists To Start Keeping
In this episode of FiloCat I’m going to be talking about lists and the format will be a little different from the first episode and rather than teaching you a skill step-by-step, I’m going to be li...


Episode 1: Create & Break Habits
FiloCat is a new podcast series where I’ll be teaching you how to get organised, save time for doing fun things and hopefully achieve some of your big life goals and dreams. Each short episode wil...


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