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At Louise's house. Tom said he was bringing someone which turned out to be Alistair, who ended up kissing Amy.
Tom and I kept Louise up listening to Bright Eyes and she got annoyed at the end of the song with the sound, when we pretended we couldn't hear anything.



We all headed through to Edinburgh tonight and met up with Calum. We headed up to the castle to watch the Samhain Parade which was really cool with lots of fire dancers and drummers. Malcolm boug...


Tonight I went to see Lilo & Stitch with Malcolm and Matt and it was the cutest movie ever.
I met up with Morna for drinks this afternoon at The Old Port down on Burntisland high street. I met Morna on my way back from Edinburgh the other night and we became instant friends.
I went to the Abertay open day with Malcolm and Matt today. The Computer Games Technology course looks really good and the guy said that I should get in easily. This puts me in a difficult situatio...
Yay, I got a fridge for my room today – it’s now stocked with drink and junk food, like chocolate puddings.t
Yay, I got tickets to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers!


I went through to Edinburgh and met up with Mike. We found some masking tape laying around and thought it would be funny to tie Mike’s hands behind his back, tie his feet together and tape up his m...
This evening, Claire and I headed through to Edinburgh to watch the fireworks to celebrate the end of the festival. We met this really nice guy called Mike, who was visiting from the highlands and ...
As soon as we arrived back in Scotland today, I hopped on a train over to Edinburgh so that I could catch the last night of the festival with Calum. We wandered around the city, saw a band called B...
Wigging Out
This morning we headed to downtown Edmonton to do some shopping. My Dad took half an hour to buy a hat from a hat shop. Afterwards we went to a wig shop and tried on all the different styles.
Powerpuff Girls
My Mum bought me a Powerpuff Girls bong today, which is the coolest thing ever.


Flying To Canada
We set off to Edinburgh this morning to discover that all the trains to Glasgow had been cancelled due to flooding. This gave us a chance to nip away and do some last minute shopping. I got a jump...
This morning my mum and I were driving over the Forth Road Bridge when the car up front stopped suddenly, and we went crashing in to the back. The car got written off and I have a huge bruise on my...



Went to Newcastle acording to my diary.



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