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I want to shoot Derren Brown. Well actually no, I want to kiss him all over. But I signed up to volunteer to be the person who’ll pull the trigger on him in a game of Russian Roulette. Oh he is soo...
Stay Beautiful
My Mum and I headed through to Glasgow today to meet the Manic Street Preachers at a signing they were doing at the Virgin Megastore.
Today I went to the museum of childhood with Malcolm and Lynsey. It was such a cute place with a wide range of Miffy.
Tonight was Keava's party in Edinburgh. Mike came through with me and we shared a bottle of Jack Daniels.
I miss Tom. He gets back on the 26th and that’s 19 days away .. Today I went to Tom’s house to pick up the key but I ended up staying all day with Jack and his buddies. The house was full of stone...
Woke up at Amy's house this morning feeling a little hungover but we decided to walk it off and head through to Edinburgh. Tom bought a new pair of shoes and I stocked up on comics from Forbidden ...
Cherry On Top
Tom went away on holiday with his parents today. The ferry sailed past Burntisland, so I went out on to the beach to wave to him. We think that we managed to see each other. I then baked a cake fo...
Tom came over today and I cut his hair for him. I think it turned out quite nice! In the evening we went through to Kinghorn for Amy Naumann's party. Amy had a really cool house which was by the b...


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