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first of all Happy Birthday Tom.. his birthday yesterday. secondly.. Happy Birthday Me.. it’s my birthday today. hands everyone cake and drink love you all xox
The Nicest Neighbours In The World
Tonight there was a knock at the door but noone was there. We looked down to find a plate of rice crispy cakes left by Elise Hadrysiak & Adam Milroy!
Tom got stranded in Cupar tonight, so i had to go and rescue him even though i had the worlds worst nose bleed (i was even coughing up blood which makes me suspect that it was something a lot worse...
Paper Doll
on wednesday keava got stranded in dundee so i had to, firstly find her and then bring her back to the flat. it was really lovely to see her again though and we are going to her alice in wonderland...
it’s been a busy few days. on monday alistair came up to stay and we got to see his holiday photos and then watched ginger snaps with the neighbours.
We got up early this morning and decided to head through to Perth for an adventure. Tom treated me to a lovely pair of silver star studs from a fancy jewellers.
I Love London
We had breakfast at Nick's house and then went for a walk around Camden Market. It was amazing and I wanted to buy everything. We then caught a bus in to Covent Garden and went to Forbidden Planet...
Iain and I drove down to London today to pick up Nick and bring him back to Dundee. The drive took about seven hours and we passed a really surreal crash on the road. A car was completely torn in t...
Tomorrow I’m off to London with Iain and after a 10-ish hour journey, I get to spend a day there and then enjoy another 10 hour journey back. It’ll be worth it though, I’m going to go to Soho and b...


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