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You can find the most fabulous selection of wool in John Lewis. Unfortunately, you do have to shop among the crazy posh craftsters, who like to knit fuzzy scarves and make doilies. It seems like ev...
An overlocker from Mum. Vivienne Westwood Treasure Island purse from Tom. Tickets to see Regina Spektor. RAM for my MAC. Dame Darcy Doll and videos. A few bottles of perfume. Stickywicket Craft kit...
Home For Christmas
I’m back in Burntisland for Christmas. Today we went through to Edinburgh for some last minute Christmas shopping. I had to get a new Young Person's Railcard. When I got home, I baked some cupcak...
We told my parents the next day and my Mum said “cool” and my Dad told us a funny story about Spartacus. Before we left, Tom and I exchanged Christmas presents. He got me a Dame Darcy doll, which ...
We had a little Christmas party with our neighbours, Elise and Ads. We kicked off the night with lots and lots of Singstar karaoke, where Elise and I tried to learn the dance from this song. Afterw...
A documentary that investigates the ways in which teenagers are living more adult lifestsyles and questions whether the media are responsible.
I don't know how I managed to do it, but all my work is finished. Here is my 3D animation of the I Love You Doll. It's a little rough, but it meets the brief.
This week has been crazily busy. I have so much work to do for university (I have added my to do list at the side to encourage me to work faster) and only 8 days left. My film is nearing completion...


Today we took the train through to Nice which is a really beautiful town.
Here are a few new characters. Rich girl, who is a little brat that you are suppose to hate and the I Love You Doll that Sailor Girl managed to ship back from Japan.
Finally finished my anti-smoking infomercial "Don't miss a thing". It's for a 30 second film competition for Channel 4. The titles are a little hard to read on the net but they say "You wouldn't le...
Blind Grandma (Part One)
The second story from pins + needles. Enjoy x
I've been home for the last part of the week looking after my cat Ben. I got a call from my parents on Monday telling me that he was ill. It sounded pretty bad so I decided to go home on Wednesday ...
Good news – I have a shiny new iBook. Bad news – my cat, Ben, is sick and it’s not looking hopeful. I’m so depressed so I’m going home tomorrow. x
I seem to be cooking all the time at the moment. It's so cold outside and all I want to do is cuddle up with a nice hot bowl of something. I was even going to buy a soup cauldron, so that I could h...
Gingerbread Coffin
I love having oats for breakfast, especially when it's cold outside but I don't always have time to make porridge so I'm come up with a winter berry, yogurt and oat bowl which does the trick.
Call Girl
I had a lovely day with my parents today. They came through quite early and we headed through to St Andrews, where I bought the pin-up girl phone I had been wanting and found a pretty skirt in a ch...
I’m so tired but I’m having a cupcake tasting party.. how distinguished. Here are some photos: It's been a really strange week. Elise's kitchen door got stuck so she needed us to go up and fix it...
Harley Quinn Barbie
My Harley Quinn Barbie arrived this morning. She is really cute and I love her expression. She now sits on my craft desk and watches over my work.


Halloween was good. Happy Halloween to anyone I haven’t said that too. I made myself a Harley Quinn costume and Tom dressed up as a beaten up sailor. I finished my Harley Quinn costume in time and...
Sailor Girl - Part Two
Tonight I finished my second strip of Sailor Girl. This one may seem like it doesn't go anywhere but with the next story it'll all start to fit together a little better. It's not even slightly rela...
Knitting Journal
The weather is getting colder now, so I'm going to knit Tom and myself some scarves. I've been designing them in my Stitch N' Bitch journal. They are both going to have this checkered pattern, but...
Our order from BUST Magazine arrived this morning. It was early which was a pleasant surprise. My Enid Coleslaw doll is the coolest. She has a cat woman mask, a laser gun and a cavewoman club. Her...
My Vivienne Westwood book arrived this morning. It's filled with so many lovely clothes and I want them all. I went to the fabric store and bought some tweed in an attempt to make myself some cout...
Filming Teenager
We started filming my documentary tonight. Iain kindly volunteered to be my driver and we set off on the streets of Dundee. He was an excellent driver although he almost wrote of the car at one poi...
The Insomnia Club
I've started an insomniac club with my friends who also have weird sleeping patterns. Miquette Breitenbach invited us to go kite flying with her on The Law at 4am tonight but she had fallen asleep ...
We headed through to Glasgow tonight to see Ladytron with Iain. I haven't been sleeping well, so I had a little nap in the car to make sure I'd be wide awake for the gig.
I spent the day tidying out Tom's cupboard so that I could find the dress that he had tucked away under piles of rubble and clothes. I'm also so close to finishing my Harley Quinn mask. I just need...
The new issue of BUST Magazine arrived this morning. My Grandma in Canada sends it over to me every second month. It has an article on roller derby, Princess Superstar and an article on tools and ...


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