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Absinthe Fairies
We woke up to a huge fright this morning when one of our lava lamps filled with glitter exploded. We'd forgotten to turn it off the night before and the bulb must have overheated. There was hot liq...
The Reptile Room
Headed out shopping on town today and got Lemony Snicket's 2nd book in A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Reptile Room.
Wayne The Pain
Elise and Ads invited upstairs tonight and then Ads stoop up announcing the he had the news of the year, which we all doubted, but he did... our annoying neighbours, Nicky and Wayne ("the Pain") ha...
I've been crafting lots and my current obsession is designing tiaras. I’m going to get some wire and start making them soon, which should come in handy around Manic Street Preachers's touring time.
Miquette and Frazer came over tonight. We were hoping to go out and play in the snow, but it had all melted by the time we got outside, so we stayed in, drank wine and watched Newlyweds.
Felt terrible on Saturday so spent most of the day sleeping and eventually dragged myself out of bed and in to town. Lazed around for the rest of the day and all of today.
Tom and I went for dinner with Miquette and Frazer tonight. The music was so loud, that we felt like we were eating to the beat. Miquette brought me two cute bunny hair ties. We finished our meals...
Lolita Lempika
I spent today with my parents again. They really enjoy coming up and I really like seeing them. Also, the La Fée Absinthe spoon and t-shirt that I ordered arrived today and I won a bottle of Lolit...
I’ve also been baby sitting the neighbors kitty, Asterix. He had a mad half-hour or two while I was looking after him, but Elise brought me back the cutest little sewing kit as a present, to say th...
My parents came up to visit today and we went for a walk around the massive graveyard, which is up near Ninewells Hospital. It stretches for miles and miles. We then went to see Closer at the DCA,...
We went for a long walk around Dundee today. We bought loads of records, priced at 30p each. We then nipped to the 24 hour bakery. On the way home we discovered a little cafe which looks like it...
Tonight we had a mini Brit-awards party at our flat, which was loads of fun. We then spent the night dancing at the Reading Rooms.
Absinthe Fairy
I finalised the design for my absinthe fairy in Character Animation today. Now to turn her in to Flash...


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