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Hand In Day
Today was hand in day, which didn't go as smoothly as I wanted. I had all my work finished but then it came to putting my film on VHS, with only an hour to go, everything went wrong. Tom had to run...
I now know how it feels to have a panic attack.. an hour before the deadline and I still had to – get prints / write dope sheet / finish presentation board and stick it all together. Tom goes to bo...
It’s still morning, I’ve not been to sleep, I’m still working and I’m drinking absinthe. All the research made me want to drink it. x
Viridis Somnio
More concept art of Viridis Somnio, the absinthe fairy, as part of my Character Animation class.
Under The Influence
I finished a concept painting of my absinthe fairy, Viridis Somnio for Character Animation class tonight.
Why don’t I remember being so drunk that all my photos ended up looking like this.. I didn’t even know I had a camera.
This will all be over soon. First day filming didn’t go quite as planned, did get some good shots and about a million outtakes of Tom posting a letter through the door wrong. It doesn’t sound like ...
eBay Addiction
As part of our coursework, we were asked to make a 60 second short film. I'd been really looking forward to this but when I picked up the camera that I'd booked out from the Uni, I realised how ter...
Been working really hard. Most of it has been setting deadlines for myself though My fairy is starting to come together in flash, Inga saw my sketches for her and really liked them although I have...
We have a new neighbor upstairs, I think her name in Caroline but we’re not sure. Anyway we gave her a tour of Tesco and then bought another wonderful bottle of parisian Absinthe and ran away home....
We spent today working. I have so much today before the deadline at the end of the month. However, we gave ourselves the even off to have a few drinks with the neighbours. Just incase you ever won...


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