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Today my parents came though to vista and my Mum had got me a new bag. We went to see Be Cool, which was very Quintin Tarantino style.
So I wake up at 2pm to find an e-mail saying that I failed one of my modules and after numerous e-mails and phone calls I finally get hold of Gregor to find out that he had just lost my coursework ...
Manics in Newcastle
Today we all drove down to Newcastle to see the Manic Street Preachers play in the strangest venue. It was all seated except for one row at the front. The crowd were quiet, and so were the band. It...
It was fantastic. Everyone was beautiful. There were pretty cigarette girls selling sweets and all things bad for us. Gorgeous burlesque stippers. The music was fabulous, swing is now my favourite ...
I woke up the next morning and 8 doctors were standing around me asking me how I was and forcing me to drink. It was still stuck and they said that I would have to go in for an operation that day. ...
Woke up the next morning and it was still in my throat so we decided to go to the hospital.. after neighbors of course. Iain was sweet enough to give me and Tom a lift up to Ninewells and he waited...
On Sunday night I got something logged inside my throat and whenever I took a drink or tried to eat something I threw it back up. Elise and Ads came round to watch Requiem For A Dream and the whole...
We went to see Somersault at the DCA which was a strange movie about a girl that liked touching things and playing hand games with herself.


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