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Yesterday my parents came up to visit. We went to Jimmy Chungs for the first time in ages. I love all the cute little waitresses there.. they were complementing my Vivienne Westwood. Anyway if you ...
Missed trains and magic...
Opps we woke up late this morning and missed our bus to Edinburgh. Arrived late afternoon and went to while away the hours in a pub. We went to see Derren Brown again at the Festival Theatre but ...
Meet the magician...
Today Tom and I headed through to Glasgow. We went shopping during the day (I love Borders) and then rode the subway, which looks like a toy train and is nicknamed the Clockwork Orange out to prett...
Cocktail Ring
This is pretty simple to make. You will need: - 28 gauge wire (any colour). - needle nose pliers. - beads. To make the ring, wrap a piece of wire around your finger twice. Remove the loop and the...
Came home. Had a few parties, made things and
Canal Ride
This morning my Dad and I went on a boat ride around the canals of Brugge, where we got to see one of the houses from an Audrey Hepburn film.
We woke up in Brugge this morning. Our hotel is right next to the canal, so we had a lovely view outside the window. After enjoying our complimentary breakfast, we ventured out to see the city. T...
Ferry To Brugge
I left just after my final presentation for my course which went amazingly well.. for a change. They actually complemented me lots.


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