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On Wednesday I interviewed Brian Molko from Placebo, he was very lovely and it should make for quite an interesting read. There is the best sound clip ever of him saying "thanks for telling me when...
Not that you guys are obliged to care or anything, but I've re-vamped my personal website and I've also started a personal day-to-day blog. Don't worry, it doesn't mean that I'll be p...




Tom’s working on his E.P. I wonder if it has a name yet, he’s too shy to tell me these things. He sits at his computer drumming away on his drum machine all day, wasting talent like water, so I cha...
Pillar Of Salt
We went to see The Thermals at Nice ‘N Sleazy’s in Glasgow tonight. Iain drove us there and back, while we made up some amazingly catchy songs in the back of the car. The support band were called A...
I’ve been listening to a lot of Graham Coxon recently. I saw him in Camden at the weekend, buying cheap take-out like the rest of us, clever guy. I always pictured the line “I saw you on the corner...
Trip to London...
This morning we arrived in London feeling fresh after a great night's sleep on the train down from Dundee. To waste time before checking in to the hotel, we headed down to Canary Wharf and went ar...
I've been somewhat distracted by filmmaking recently. Yesterday marked the birth of my collaboration project with John Robert Conelly, FleshTunnel Films. We picked our first project, a short film c...
As part of the video project I'm doing for Dundee City Council, I was asked to film the Christmas light ceremony at the Caird Hall. Iain came along to help me out and filmed using my second camera.
There’s an article about me and Cut Out + Keep, along with my tutorial for a Cupcake Pin Cushion in the latest issue of Pearl Necklace Zine.
After checking out of our hotel this morning, we headed down to La Defence to leave our suitcases at Alistair’s apartment. We spotted a film crew shooting a car commercial in between the buildings.
Le Tower de Eiffel
Tom and I got a chance to go exploring around Paris on our own today. We found a mini Statue of Liberty on the Seine. We went up the Eiffel Tower and there was a post office, so we wrote and sent ...
Bon Anniversaire
Today was Alistair’s birthday, so we picked up the most amazing cake from a Patisserie near our hotel and met him at a really pretty park. There was a little tower in the center of the park, which...
We're In Paris
We’re in Paris! After arriving in the city, our first sight was a crazy burnt-out motorbike. We made our way to the Ideal Hotel on Avenue Emile Zola which was very very pretty. We had a quick nap...
The AntiCraft
I interviewed gothic craft collective The AntiCraft for Venus Zine.


Class Of '06
Tonight was Halloween, so we all dressed up as the school kids from Battle Royale and headed to the fancy dress party at Abertay Union.
It's been a while since I drew a comic, but here is a Halloween special Pins + Needles.
Counting To Ten
We went for dinner at Wetherspoon's with Iain and Hannah tonight.
Love Travels At Illegal Speeds
Today I was sent along to Fat Sams to interview Graham Coxon for Venus Zine. He was really lovely and even more nervous than I was. After our interview, we chatted about crafting, how he's learning...
Iain, Tom and I headed through to Glasgow this evening to see Peaches at the ABC. She was awesome and played all the hits.
Sugar Skulls
I made some Sugar Skulls tonight using the mould I ordered from Mexican Sugar Skulls. I love them so much but I doubt that I'll eat them as they're far too sugary. I'm just going to give them all a...
James Dean Bradfield
We went to see James Dean Bradfield again tonight at The Garage in Glasgow. He was really good and we got to meet him again afterwards.
An English Gentleman
We went to see James Dean Bradfield at Fat Sam's tonight with my Mum and Grant. It was really crowded but good. We stayed around to meet him afterwards. At one point we looked down to notice that...
Cut up pieces of fruit (lemons and limes etc) in to segments, place them in an ice cub tray, top with water and then freeze. This way you always have ice and fruit for your drinks.




I’m 21 now which makes me officially old, but I did get a gorgeous camcorder for my birthday so that cheered me up. As for film work, I made a new short film called Don’t Feed The Ducks and I’m wor...
Mr Scruff
I managed to lock myself in this morning, so when the postman knocked with parcels, I had to speak to him through the postbox and nicely ask him to leave my parcels upstairs with Elise Hadrysiak an...


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