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There's an interview with me for online Chilean magazine called Zancada. The original article was in Spanish, but they sent me a translated copy.
King Tut's
Tom, Mum, Grant and I went to see James Dean Bradfield from the Manics play a solo gig at King Tut's tonight. He was really good and played This Is Yesterday and Ocean Spray. The Manics are going ...
Skip In The City
I had a look around the botanical gardens while I was waiting for him. Tom had a job interview in Edinburgh this morning, so we headed through nice and early. There was a sculpture skip outside E...
Street Theatre
A painting inspired by a Vivienne Westwood dress.
Oh, it's so nice to sit down and do some art for myself for a change. This is the first watercolour that I have done in ages, I think I have mushrooms on the brain though.
Today was my presentation and apart from my CD not working at the start and having to run home to burn off a DVD it went really well. They complimented my film, there only complaint was at Miquette...
I went to see Derren Brown tonight. I was in the front row and he managed to hit me with a heavy envelope at the end of the show, giving me a paper cut. It's okay though because he signed it afterw...
Dundee was crazy today. I went to get some money from the cash machine and Preston from Big Brother was in the way. He was with Nihal who is cool but I hate Preston. Got to the Big Weekend finally ...
Here is the portfolio website that I had to make for uni, hope you like it. This last week has been totally crazy (see my livejournal for details), so I haven't had a chance to update. Sorry guys.


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