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Today the plumbers discovered a massive hole in my bathroom floor. The water had been rotting it away for ages. I knew something was wrong, even when the other plumber had told me that everything w...
So, the idea for this new comic series came to me tonight. I'm not sure where it's going, but something compelled me to stay up for 4 hours, until 6 am and finish the first page. You will probably ...
Over Crafting
This scared the hell out of me. In less than a year, I have crafted 164 projects. Eek, where do I find the time? I need a job really badly, my loan for next year is a quarter of what I got last ye...
Porn Site
Well my name is. See it’s there -> right in between cumshots and jovovitch. Well, I find it quite funny anyway. Sorry, it’s maybe a bit early in the day for this. Anyway, I have a workshop at the ...
I went to see Tool in Glasgow tonight with Calum, Graham and Neil. They were so awesome!
Okay well I have my unconfirmed grades back from Uni. I got an A for my portfolio website and showreel, a B for my 3D animation and a C for Return To Sender. I don't understand how my film grade co...
I Love Camden
This morning we headed to Camden Market, I love it there so much. There was this amazing little stall called Blah Blah Hospital with a girl sewing cutesie wristbands and clothes. Tom and I both bo...
Weekend In London
After leaving Scotland early this morning, we arrived at Kings Cross in London for 12. We're here for a few days with my Mum, Dad, Nana and Grandad. My mum, Tom and I went off for an adventure, st...
Dark Girl
I invested in my first piece of art, which is a watercolour by Naomi Nowak Illustration called Dark Girl. I love her style so much.


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