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The Last Day Of The Year
This afternoon, Tom's parents took us to an awesome little cafe and farm shop called The Pillars of Hercules, which was tucked away, deep in the woods of Fife. It was very cold inside, so we had t...
Drinking Down The Seven Deadly Sins
Today was our six year anniversary, so we headed over to Edinburgh to celebrate. We started with Seven Deadly Sin cocktails at the Jekyll & Hyde, as well as shots in test tubes. Tom made dinn...
Today was Christmas and I got amazing presents from my family. Tom spoilt me this year, giving me all kinds of lovely things. As well as my Batman Lego, he gave me some Vivienne Westwood Boudoir ...
Trip To Perth
We went through to Perth with my Nana today for a last bit of Christmas shopping. We warmed up with hot chocolate in Wetherspoon's.
Christmas Shopping In Edinburgh
Today we went to Edinburgh to finish off our present shopping. We woke up really early this morning, so we headed through early and had breakfast at Wetherspoons. We then went to see Joey D, who t...
We caught the train up to Scotland today. We sat first class as Tom booked early and were with a lovely older couple who told us all kinds of stories about London when they were young. We hadn’t s...
The London Issue
We released The London Issue of Snippets today with Amy Lame on the cover! This issue also has Tom's interview with Adam Buxton, the street photography we took in Camden, my interview with the Lond...
Storm In A Tea Cup
I picked Tom up from the Drowned in Sound offices tonight where they were having their Christmas party. We stayed for a drink before having to run off to the South Bank.
Underground Crafting
Tom and I had a London Underground themed crafty night tonight, making projects for the new issue of Snippets. It was so much fun trying to think up things you could make out of tube maps.
Snail Mail
My desk has looked a lot more like a post office over the past week. We posted this massive pile of cards and parcels this morning, which makes me wonder how many extra postman calories are burned...
Easy Bake Coven
Cut Out + Keep was mentioned on Easy Bake Coven - I love that blog name.
Hamma Beads
I bought a gigantic tub of hamma beads from Ikea when we first moved to London, so we decided to turn them in to Christmas oranemts for our tree. Tom made a gorgeous Pegboard Snowflake for his Gra...
Batman Lego
Tom gave me one of my Christmas presents early which was Batman Lego. We had so much fun sprawling out on the Mews floor and putting everything together. We made Batman's bike and Harley Quinn's ...
Bust Craftacular
Today was the BUST Magazine Craftacular at the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club. I was so excited to see my favourite magazine do something in the UK.
Chicken Brooch
I started my Christmas crafting today and my first project were Chicken Brooches which I made for Tom's Mum and my Nana. Here's how to make your own:


Kyoto Garden
I took my parents to Holland Park for lunch today. We sat in the Kyoto gardens which was lovely and felt like a Disney movie when all the animals came to see us. Unfortunately one of the squirrel...
CO 42, K2, P2
We spent today present shopping for Christmas and I'm quite happy with what I've got so far. I’ve been watching everyone carefully over the past couple of months and anytime they've seen something ...
Tom has went up to Scotland for his graduation, so before he left, we went for sushi to celebrate.
 I Was Your Silver Lining, But Now I'm Gold
Today we went for lunch at Little Venice, but the Narrowboat Cafe was just closing when we arrived, so out of desperation we headed in to a nearby pub. We're so glad we did because it turned out t...
The Day Of The Dead Issue
Tom got me a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood necklace for Christmas today.
The Last Station
We were invited along to a test screening of James McAvoy's new film The Last Station tonight. It really wasn't very good and when we tried to escape early, so that we wouldn't have to go to the d...
Cat Barbie
After falling in love with Tarina Tarantino's Barbie, Miquette Breitenbach and I decided we wanted to make dolls of ourselves too. I hit up eBay for a brunette Barbie (very hard to find) and got cr...
Plan 9
I took Tom to Plan 9 today, a cool little cafe I discovered a couple of weeks back with my parents. The sandwiches are so good and they serve A&W root beer!


It was then time to catch the Eurostar back to London and see Tom at the other side.
Cracking Crème Brûlée With A Spoon
Today was the highlight of my trip when we went to Cafe des 2 Moulins, the two windmills cafe from the movie Amélie. It was amazing inside and just like the movie. They even had all the polaroids ...


My Dad's two aims for the day were to catch a movie and to see some jazz, so we started the day at Les Halles (my least favorite part of Paris) where dad had heard all the cinemas were. It was as b...
Palace Of Versailles
Today was Dad's pick of things to do, so we headed off to the Palace of Versailles. We took a double decker RER train which took about an hour. When we arrived at the train station there was a ver...
 Château de Vincennes
This morning we went to the supermarket to pick up food for dinner. I love foreign supermarkets and the weird brands they sell, I especially like browsing the cereal and magazine aisles. We spent ...


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