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Jack The Ripper
This morning my family and I went for lunch on the Narrowboat canal cafe at Little Venice. My Mum helped me dye my hair red last night and you could really see the colour in the sunlight.
The Ten Bells
My Nana loves crime and murder mysteries, so we went on the hunt for Jack The Ripper in Spitalfields today. Our first stop was Spitalfields Market where I found an amazing stall selling tops made ...
Ring Around The Cherry Tree
My Mum, Dad, Nana and Grandad are down to visit and we’ve had a really busy day traveling around London. Everyone has been really lovely and offered my Grandparents seats on the buses and tubes – ...
Clash Magazine
The latest Clash Magazine has a selection of Cut Out + Keep projects for it’s DIY Festival Fashion segment.
Light Box
More furniture shopping and my latest purchase is a new desk. It has a glass pane in it, which you can use as a light box - very handy for drawing Crafterella. My parents are coming down again and...
I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too
We went to see Martha Wainwright tonight. She was doing a webcast for Virgin at a fancy members club in Covent Garden. We were given free organic beer, which was pretty yummy. Tom spotted the singe...
I made a Camera Necklace which is suppose to look like my SLR camera. It took me ages to find shiny paper / plastic. In other star spotting news, Kate Moss lives a few streets away from us and Pau...
I had an awesome idea to make a transforming plushie of a fish that turns in to sushi and vice versa. You can make your own on CO+K now.
We’ve found a perfect replacement for Spoons in the form of a restaurant boat on the Thames, that serves delicious fish & chips. You can sit and watch the sunset over the river. They serve ras...
Until I See Love In Statues
Today we went down to Greenwich to see the Cutty Sark. There was a market on where my Mum and I had our eyebrows threaded. It worked really well. Instead of taking the tube back in to town, we dec...


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