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A picnic of jelly fried eggs, sherbet UFO’s, jelly laces, lollipops and candy necklaces may not be the healthiest lunch, but it’s certainly a lot cheaper than any other festival food. Today, we’re...
The Faint
Tonight we went to The Faint at Cargo in East London. They were so so good but the venue was like a cave and got so hot, so it was one of the sweatiest gigs ever. We danced until we felt like we mi...
Just in from seeing Connor Oberst in Camden. It wasn’t as good as Bright Eyes, or as I had hoped .
Notting Hill Carnival
It was the Notting Hill Carnival this weekend. The parade route comes within a block of our house, so we woke to the bass of reggae music playing from the numerous sound systems set up in the stre...
We had breakfast at the hotel before heading off on the second leg of our Manic Street Preachers pilgrimage to Blackwood, their hometown. The hotel owner asked why we'd ever want to go there and wh...
As part of our birthday fun, we got in the car and headed to Newport. My Mum and I have always wanted to visit Wales as we're Manics fans. We did a little sigh for Richey as we passed over the Seve...
Ye Olde Mitre
I was really keen to try out my new birthday present - a shiny pink Canon compact camera, so we headed down to Little Venice this morning, taking photos as we went. We went for lunch on the Narrow...
2am Birthday Cake
Today was my birthday and Tom had to work but that's okay. Later that night my parents arrived. Even though it was really late, we stayed up to eat cake and open presents. They gave me a gorgeous...
Today we went for a walk around Regents Park. There’s a very cool Chinese restaurant which is based on a double decker canal boat (you can see it behind Tom). I really want to go there someday. If ...
Window Shopping
Today we went to see Buckingham Palace. There wasn't much to see other than tourists taking photos.
BBC Slink
Slink on the BBC website have chosen Cut Out + Keep as their second favorite thing this week!
Harley Quinn Keyring
I made a Harley Quinn Keyring today after seeing queenfairypants’ awesome Joker keyring. I really love Harley Quinn so much.
Dr Sketchy
The lovely Molly Crabapple invited us along to the Dr Sketchy Sketchathon at the infamous Madame Jojo’s in Soho tonight. We were sat next to Nathan from Snow Patrol and it was such a fun night of ...
Hanging Around in Camden Town
Today Miq and I took to the streets of Camden, camera in hand, to make our own version of the Fruits books for the London issue of Snippets.
Cut Out + Keep's trademark has been finalized, so we get to put an R at the end of our name.
 Breast Friends Forever
Last night I convinced Miquette Breitenbach to come down to London, so she jumped on the last Megabus leaving Dundee and heading down over night. I headed to Victoria Station bright and early to ...


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