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Canal Museum
We waved goodbye to Calum at the station this morning which was sad. To cheer ourselves up we decided to go on an adventure and stumbled upon the Canal Museum. It was a lovely day to be next to t...
Today we jumped on a train to Ascot and headed to the racecourse. My Dad got Tom tickets to a beer festival in the grounds of Ascot, so we could bet on the horses and drink beer - a winning combin...
Going Down To Thimble Island
Drowned in Sound was being run out of our Mews today, so Calum and I were turfed out. We kept ourselves busy with a trip to the National Portrait Gallery.
A Tightrope Walker Risking It All
Calum and I spent the day at the Tate looking at all of the art. I like to rush around and see all the work, whereas Calum likes to read all the signs, so it was hard for us to keep pace with each ...
Calum in London
Calum is here to stay for the week. It’s only his second visit to London, so I’ve been showing him the sights. We started off with bento in the park at Embankment. We then took in the sights of Co...
Zombie Strippers
I found fabric heaven today in Goldhawk Road, a street filled with fabric stores. I’d been planning a winter coat for a while (specifications: furry hood and heart shaped pockets) and I managed to ...
Got my new white iPhone.
Work In Progress
We went to see Mark Thomas tonight at the Soho Theatre with Tom and Tony. He was really good even though he was only warming up for his new tour. I had a really tasty cocktail called a Creme Brulee...


I had a pile of books this high to review today but luckily, I’m about half way though!
The Best Cake In The World
We had this amazing cake at Roma’s Cafe next to Maida Vale tube today. Mmmmm! Recently I’ve been perfecting my folding technique, so that my clothes take up the tiniest amount of space possible.
I’ve had a crazily busy work week and Snippets 11 is almost complete. Tommi came to visit and I miss him already. I feel a bit like a spoilt brat at the moment, I just got a Playstation 3 and a gor...
Milway's Birthday
At the weekend we went for drinks in Notting Hill for Mr Milway’s birthday in a pretty pub with chandeliers and a dark room filled with fairy lights – I want to go back there.
The weather wasn’t as great today. When I woke up the rain was beating down and it made me happy that we weren’t camping and had bought wellies just in case. Took lots of photos and almost tripped ...


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