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It was Halloween today so I was determined to spend the day doing fun spooky things. We started with tea and brownies at the Secret Herb Garden which was looking very autumnal with the trees and b...
Gina Perry illustrated this amazing Halloween themed Crafterella for Superhero Sunday. I love it so much and it's spookiness has got me in the mood for Halloween tomorrow!
Barn At The Loch
We headed back home to see my Nana and parents today and they were waiting for us at Kinghorn Loch. The geese were out in force, waddling along the riverbank. My Mum has been telling me about Bar...
Weeping Eye Necklace
The latest Blueberry Cove Beads subscription box arrived and the theme was steampunk, so I couldn't wait to open it and start crafting. Inspired by Amanda Palmer's gig last night, I decided to mak...
Amanda Palmer
A little over a year after giving birth, Amanda Palmer is back on tour and we were lucky enough to catch her on the UK leg, with a gig at the Liquid Room in Edinburgh. The gig had a really cosy an...
I'd forgotten just how good the sandwiches at Rocket are until we went for lunch today and I munched a tuna melt bagel.
We headed through to Glasgow to see Daughter this evening. They were playing at the O2 Academy and I had a photo pass to take pictures. We headed to Mono before the gig to have vegan food for dinn...
Sushi Night
We met up with Katie & Phil for some pre-sewing pizza and beer at Brewdog this evening. We were sewing sushi at Say It Ain't Sew Tonight and Katie had brought some catnip so that we could turn...
My Scientology Movie
Using seitan, I attempted to cook Tom Duck A L'Orange for dinner. I think it's the fanciest thing I've ever tried to make! Check out Seitan "Duck" A L'Orange on Cut Out + Keep
6 Degrees North
Six Degrees North have opened a bar in Edinburgh so we were really excited to try it out with Katie and Phil because we'd really liked the one in Aberdeen. As well as beer and cocktails, they serv...
Duncan & Alex invited us over for dinner this evening and cooked a delicious butternut squash salad. For dessert we had meringues with fruit and this yummy chocolate bar that Alex had got on h...
I asked Grandma to bring some of her old recipe cards from Canada with her so that I could take photos and add them to my collection. This one is for a marshmallow salad which sounds too amazing no...
Bobbin's been enjoying being back in Burntisland, especially when she gets to sit in the garden. Bruce treated everyone to dinner at the Kingswood Hotel this evening. Dad was happy because he got...
We headed through to Fife today and met up with my Mum, Dad, Nana and Grandma at the RSPB Cafe at Vane Farm. The cafe has a long window with views over Loch Leven and telescopes so you can spy on ...
Easter Hailes Gate Tunnel
We headed out on a photo taking adventure in Figgy today. We ended up in Juniper Green, a pretty little village on the outskirts of Edinburgh. There was a really nice statue of Robert Louis Steve...


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