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I love this adorable Crafterella art by Teressa Ong. She looks so cute!
Christmas Foodies Festival
We were invited along to the Christmas Foodies Festival at the EICC after work today, which was perfect timing as we were getting super hungry. I got a pulled jackfruit pie from Cool Jerk Vegan Pi...
Katie & Phil always get me the sweetest presents and they gave me this cat necklace. The rooftops of Bruntsfield looked really cool as we were walking home from Christmas shopping today.
We began our Christmas shopping today, starting with the easiest member of the family, Bobbin. Luckily, Grumpy Cat has brought out her own toy line. Tom took me for cocktails at The Paper Mill whi...
JD Williams
It's not often that I get to write about fashion but when JD Williams got in touch to ask if I'd like to pick something from their Fall/Winter collection, I jumped at the chance. I picked this coa...
90's Party
It was Katie's birthday, so she had decided to throw a 90's themed birthday party. While we raided our wardrobes for the tackiest 90's garb we could find (including tattoo chokers and tie-dye cat ...
Creative Edinburgh
Izzy got us tickets for the Creative Edinburgh Awards party this evening, as FreeAgent were one of the sponsors. It was held in Central Hall which was really pretty and Alison and Nicole were ther...
Jimmy Eat World
Tom had tickets for Jimmy Eat World in Glasgow this evening and I'd managed to get a photo pass, so we packed Ailsa and Pamela into the back of Figgy and drove through, catching Pokemon along the w...
Tom took me for Oyster Happy Hour at Ondine this evening, where we sat at the bar and sipped cocktails. We ordered two rounds of oysters including fresh ones from Loch Fyne, crispy oysters with ma...
I'd bagged a photo pass for Peaches gig in Glasgow tonight, so Tom and I headed through for dinner. We went for dinner on McMonagles fish & chip boat in Clydebank. The boat even has it's own ...
Sheep Heid Inn
Tom and I went for dinner at the Sheep Heid Inn in Duddingston this evening. It was quiet in the Skittle Alley so we decided to have a few games. I hadn't realised that skittles were just bowling...


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