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Ben & Kirsty invited us to their wedding reception in St Andrews this evening, so we used the trip as an excuse to stop off in Anstruther and meet Mum, Dad and Nana during the day. Tom and I s...
Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
Alex had mentioned that we should check out the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop down in Leith, so we decided to head along this morning. Though there wasn't much to see on the day, it was a really co...
I heard on a cooking show that it's better to keep your butter out of the fridge and it certainly makes it easier to cream when baking, so I treated myself to a cute butter dish that looks like a c...
Cake Night
We were really hungry after work, so we decided to pop into OX184 on the Cowgate for nibbles before sewing club started. We tried some jalapeño corn muffins, roasted roots and fries served with a r...
My KitchenAid cookbook, which came free with my mixer, arrived today and I can't wait to try out all of the recipes. Baking with my mixer is so much faster, so I'm sure I'll get through the whole c...
I've been hearing good things about Bakery 47 in Glasgow for a while but each time we'd visited, they'd already ran out of cake. We got lucky today when we arrived early enough to try some for our...
I've been wanting to make Bobbin her own food bowl and then I had the idea to make one with different cat faces on either side. It's a little bit like a fortune teller and you can tell what her "c...
It felt so good to sleep in this morning and then Mum & Dad popped by at lunch, so we tucked into the leftover vegan Chinese food from the Lotus Kitchen. After lunch, we went out for cake and ...
Bag Of Nails
After waking up in Cheltenham this morning, Tom had to rush off to his "secret meeting" and I was left to explore the town. There was a really cool statue of a hare and minotaur looking cosy in th...
Brighton With Jenny
After waking up in Epsom this morning, I was treated to prosecco, a rose and a gorgeous new blue Cambridge satchel for Valentine's day. The Figaro is celebrating it's 25th birthday this year and b...
Tom has a super top secret meeting to attend in Cheltenham on Monday, which he can't even tell me about, so we decided to turn it into a road-trip and head off for the weekend. It was really snowy ...
Bread Meats Bread
We met up with Kenny & Claire for dinner at Bread Meats Bread this evening, a new burger restaurant on Lothian Road which I find confusingly similar to Burger Meats Bun. Tom ordered a haloumi ...
Highland Cow Week
The last time we saw Nicole, she was 8 months pregnant and today, we finally got to meet 6-month old Kayla who has the cutest wardrobe ever. I'd crocheted her a bottle warmer in the style of a Jac...
Just as we were beginning to feel a little peckish this afternoon, there was a knock at the door and the postman delivered a Munchpack filled with snacks and treats from around the world. After br...
I teamed up with Stephanie Troutner for Superhero Sunday today and drew this comic strip to her awesome script for Crafterella in The Battle Of The Block.
We got an amazing new bedspread today with Purrmaids on it. What could be better than cats and mermaids? Bobbin was very pleased. Later on, she decided to help me bake but got a little too curiou...
Flower Night
I turned the Figaro cross-stitch that I made at Say It Ain't Sew last week into a mini embroidery hoop necklace with my supplies from Dandelyne and I love the way it turned out. Check out Cross St...
We've been so busy with work that we've not had much time to do fun things and road-trip recently, so we decided we'd treat ourselves to Lego to make up for it. While we were in Glasgow yesterday,...


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