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We wandered up to Pimlico this morning for breakfast and to explore the area. There were so many pretty rainbow doors and I kept holding us up taking photos of them. There was a very ornate venti...
We're exploring Limehouse in the third episode of Cooking Around The London Underground and baking a grog loaf inspired by the sailors and opium den inspired cocktail.
Charing Cross
We took a walk down Carting Lane, which is also known as Farting Lane because it was once lit by sewage powered gas lamps. Tom booked us on a Hidden London tour of the secret platforms in Charing ...
Banh Boa Brothers
We stumbled upon a new restaurant which was about to open in Leake Street Tunnel last week, so decided to head along to their Soft Launch tonight with Fiona, one of Tom's old FreeAgent work mates.
Three Little Birds
We decided to spend our lunch break in Paddington this afternoon and started by catching the free Water Taxi to Paddington Basin. It was the perfect weather for a little ride on the canal and ther...
The Brixton Pound
We headed down to Brixton after work to do a little exploring for my next video. We discovered a vending machine for The Brixton Pound in Brixton Market. The Pound is a special currency you can s...
Tom's so happy with his new tube driver seat for the office. The only problem is that Bobbin loves sitting on it just as much as he does and steals it every time he stands up. I attempted to recr...
The Lighterman
Louisa was in London so we met up with her, Jenny and Rin for brunch at Granary Square this morning. We went to The Lighterman, a lovely little restaurant next to the canal. I had a Bloody Mary w...
Acton Depot Open Day
We headed to Acton Town this morning so that Tom could visit the Acton Depot Open Day. Acton Depot is basically an overflow of the London Transport Museum, filled with all the trains, buses and gi...
Trainspotting Live
Jenny had a day off so we met up with her for lunch at Mercato Metropolitano. It was a lovely day so we sat out in the sun while the trains rattled by overhead. We ordered pasta from Free From La...
We flew back to London this morning, passing over Burntisland on our way out. Bobbin was so happy to see us when we got in and purred for hours and hours. We had a lazy Sunday and I finished draw...
Voodoo Rooms
We headed to Strumpets for coffee after checking out of our hotel this morning. I was excited to see Biscuits the cat crossing the street outside. A new kitten named Frog has moved to the street ...
Phil's Birthday
I met up with Tom and Pamela for drinks at Akva after work today. In the evening we met up with Katie & Phil to celebrate Phil's birthday. We started with dinner at Papavero on Howe Street.
Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe
Mum came through to Edinburgh this morning and we went for breakfast at Milk Juicery. We tucked into granola bowls topped with fruit and yogurt. I took her to Strumpets afterwards for a pot of ch...
The Early Bird
One of the main reasons we chose to stay at Brooks Hotel was because they always do such a good breakfast, and this morning was no exception, when I tucked into an overnight oatmeal bowl and fresh ...
Back To Edinburgh
Tom had to go up to the office in Edinburgh for work this week, so I joined him for a mini holiday. We booked into Brooks Hotel, after having a lovely stay in their airstreams in Bristol, which wa...
Elan Cafe
We treated ourselves to a fancy breakfast at Elan Cafe on Park Lane this morning. It has to be one of the most picturesque cafes in the city with flower covered walls and pink furniture.
We headed to Paddington this morning to do some exploring for my next video and hunt down Paddington Bear. We started by picking up a copy of the Pawprint Trail to tell us where to find his statue...
Cooking Around Chinatown
We're exploring Chinatown in the second episode of Cooking Around The London Underground and making vegetarian crispy beef with a side of egg fried rice.
I've been having fun sketching on the iPad and sketched a few of the places we visited in Limehouse, inlcuding The Grapes. We went to see Unsane at Picturehouse Central tonight. It was so good but...
Rock & Roll KitNip Box
It was Bobbin's favourite time of the month again when her new KitNip Box arrived this morning. Excited to find out the latest theme, we got our claws stuck into the unboxing to discover lots of R...
Kirkaldy Testing
We were out and about exploring Bankside this morning. I loved this Commit No Nuisance sign. We went for breakfast at Caravan Bankside, as we loved the food we'd had at their other restaurant in ...


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