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Jim's Cafe
We headed up to Hackney for dinner at Jim's Cafe tonight, a hipster diner in a former greasy spoon. We sat in one of the original cafe booths and I ordered a Liquorice Whiskey Sour with whiskey, l...
bread thing from good egg
The Good Egg
Tom and I headed up to Stoke Newington this morning on the hunt for brunch. I was excited to see so many ghost signs as we walked along the street. We walked past the Meat N16 butcher shop a few ...
Tom felt bad for not getting me a birthday cake, so he came home with the most amazing selection of cakes from Cutter & Squidge.
Lost Boys Pizza
Sneaky Vimto – Cassis, Lemon, gin, prosecco, nostalgia 9 The Coffin Dodger 10 (Vegan) Broccoli, artichokes, mushrooms, rocket but with cheese Santa Carla 8.5 (Veggie) Buffalo Mozerella, fresh tom...
Bobbin's Birthday
It was Bobbin's third birthday today and keeping with last years tradition, Tom had been on a shopping spree in Fortnum & Mason to spoil her with fresh salmon, fish pate and other treats.
We were lucky enough to get some cheap tickets to Fantastia at The Vaults this evening. We weren't sure what to expect as we made our way through the dark tunnels to be handed headphones and a map.
Brother Marcus
We decided to explore Balham today, as it's only a few stops down from us on the Northern Line. We treated ourselves to brunch at a lovely little cafe called Brother Marcus. I had French toast cr...


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