Little Monsters • Cat Morley

Zombies aren’t usually something you want on date night, but the new “zom-com" Little Monsters from Abe Forsythe will leave you screaming, and laughing for more.

A school trip to Pleasant Valley Farm is interrupted when a test subject escapes from the US military facility next door. Kindergarten teacher Miss Caroline (played by Lupita Nyong'o) turns zombie slayer as she teams up with dysfunctional man-child, Dave (Alexander England) as they attempt to protect the class.

Recently separated and afraid of fatherhood, Dave, who is used to caring about no-one but himself is forced to grow up as he protects the class of 5 year olds from flesh eating zombies - all while trying to win the heart of their dreamy ukulele-playing teacher.

Filled with terrible language and lots of inappropriate humour (including the amazing quote "I can’t shoot kids… again”), this film is really quite sweet if you don’t mind adults swearing at kids and zombie children getting their heads knocked off. And don’t worry if you’re usually afraid of horror flicks - these zombies move slow!

Little Monsters will be released in UK cinemas this November but you can catch a screening during the London Film Festival this month.


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