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We caught the train back through to Dundee today and had quite a lazy day playing DDR and Vice City. We went out for dinner at the Counting House.


We went through to Edinburgh today to do some shopping. I got a Living Dead Dolls, velvet jacket, zippy jumper and a powder compact.


we stomped out of pirates of the caribbean. i’d seen it before but we went because we couldn’t decide on anything better to do. so as soon as i remembered just how terrible it was and we had starte...


ohh.. i had a little wood’s breakfast with rob and malcolm. it was delightful. i swear that’s what tiffany’s would be like if they served breakfast. i’m sitting in my audio lab. i was lazy and got...


Anti-War Activism Double Bill
Today we went through to Edinburgh to see the Anti-War Activism Double Bill at the Filmhouse. Our friend, Ysolda Teague helped make it and it brought back lots of fun memories from last year. My pi...


MTV In The Gardens
I’ve been at home in Fife over the past few days, as there's very little to do in Dundee and practically no classes to attend. This evening, Tom had tickets to see MTV In The Gardens in Edinburgh....


the matrix revolutions? disappointing. i went to see it today at 2 with 8 of my friends. i found it quite boring and really disappointing compared to the others but i wont go into that incase i ru...


aarrrrrrrrggghhh.. they wouldn’t take back my costume. i want to cry. they stood there for 15 minutes fiddling with the latch to make it work and then claimed that there was nothing wrong with it. ...


We came back through to Dundee tonight and headed to the Beat Bar to see Chug play. There were eight different bands, so the gig lasted for ages but none where as good as Chug, who covered Friday I...


Jill's Party
Tonight was Jill’s 18th birthday party which was lots of fun. We drank Baileys and kept threatening the DJ with paper airplanes for playing too much disco. Instead he played Placebo and the White S...



woo. i have finished all my work good news is that i got into uni on time and now have completed all of my artwork. i also have a new halloween costume. Gave Iain a ride back through to Dalgety Ba...


my paint smells like absinthe.. i wish it was maybe then i would work better and faster. i’m freaking out as i am completely dependant on how everything will work together when i put it into photo ...


i’m eating pomegranate. i love them. as a kid i would be amazed how each one looked like a little ruby and how you could peal away one layer and find another one again and again. god, you would thi...


I’m back home in Burntisland for now, Dundee was getting a bit too much to handle, so I came home for a break. It’s good, I have time to work without getting distracted. I bumped into Robbie, from ...


Iain and Malcolm took me to see Kill Bill tonight which was awesome. so another week has passes in the wonderful world of dundee.. This week: I found a cool little pub called the Art bar where yo...


I’m all moved in to Hillside Halls (which everyone calls Hellside), Tom helped me cover my room in fairy lights and Manic’s posters. My flatmates are mostly Glaswegian or Irish and like to drink a ...



First Day Of University
Today was my first day of University and we had to matriculate. We were also given our student cards which will come in very handy over the next few years for discounts and other goodies.


Tom came up to visit today and helped me decorate my dorm. We covered it in band posters, fairy lights and pretty fabric, so it's starting to feel like home.


This morning my parents helped me move up to Dundee for University. I'm staying at Hillside Halls which is a lot further out of the city than the uni had led us to believe, so we headed in to the c...


my parents have been away on holiday so i’ve had a free house all this week which meant that tom stayed over and i have been unable to answer the phone/door incase it was his parents. monday night ...



Tonight I had a Glam Party and everything dressed up. It was so much fun and in the morning, everyone had cleaned up after themselves.


Tom and I went to see Placebo at the Corn Exchange tonight. We were on the guest list, so they gave us dodgy Hogmanay tickets to use on the door. Tom wore his new dress, which we made for his birth...



I headed through to Edinburgh this evening and met Tom from work. We headed to the Pleasance Dome where we had a huge feast for dinner severed by Gwen Wilkie.


Tom and I went to see The Matrix Reloaded tonight at the Adam Smith. I love that cinema and it's so cheap.


I went through to Edinburgh with Louise and Malcolm today. Louise bought me a Living Dead Dolls for my birthday called Jezebel which has a pretty red dress and died by slitting her wrists.